Brooklyn Park residents worried about traffic associated with potential business park

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A proposed business park may be too close to home for residents in a Brooklyn Park neighborhood as residents are concerned it would bring more cars onto city streets that can't handle the traffic.

The city's nickname for this is "Project Hotdish". City leaders did not give a clear answer as to why they're calling it that, but it's caused a huge uproar in Brooklyn Park.

In fact, Wednesday night’s public hearing was standing room only.

People who live in the neighborhoods near this site in Brooklyn Park and Champlin are concerned about how big this four-structure facility will be and all the trucks going in and out of the roads for this new 24/7 distribution center.

We still don't know the company going into this massive site, but all city officials would say tonight is it's a fortune 500 company.

State Senator John Hoffman, from Champlin, told Fox 9 he's heard Amazon tossed around as the company going in, but nothing has been officially announced yet.

Nevertheless, residents in the area say they're not being briefed on all the details.

“It seems to me like they’re just trying to slide this through without too many waves we were at the open house a few weeks ago—no one has said the name Amazon—but what other industry could support the size of this—everyone knows it’s Amazon,” said one resident at the meeting.

“We’re just concerned about the impact on our neighborhood, the traffic that it’s going to create and safety for the citizens who live close to that area,” another resident added.

The city says they've had a problem with vacant land for years and they need to develop it.

The North Park Business Center is part of their 2030 plan to bring in more business and economic development to the area.

The Planning Commission is expected to vote on the next phase of the project on Wednesday. If passed, it will go to the full City Council.

If approved, they want to break ground this fall and have it up and running by May of 2020.