Brooklyn Park comes together to support police officer battling cancer

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The Brooklyn Park community is coming together to support a police officer who is battling cancer.

“Just seeing your sister - it’s hard to see anyone go through cancer,” said Leigha Haywood, the sister of Brooklyn Park Police Officer Emily Krob.

Haywood is just 11 months older than her little sister and favorite travel companion Emily Krob. The pair’s bond is ironclad. While cancer is taking its toll on Krob, neither sister is backing down from the fight.

“It’s your baby sister and a sister shouldn’t have to go through this,” said Haywood. “That’s the hardest part.”

Krob, caring and compassionate, appeared destined to serve her community.

“She, from the youngest age, had a police badge on her desk at home where she did her homework,” said Haywood. “So even from a young age, she wanted to be a police officer.”

Krob eventually got the real thing: police badge no. 183. Now a 14-year veteran with stints as a resource officer at Champlin Park High School and as a detective, Krob is something of a hometown hero committed to the betterment of Brooklyn Park.

“She’s a very special police officer who has touched a lot of lives and this community in particular really appreciates its police department,” said Brooklyn Park Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley.

When word spread that Krob, an exercise, fitness and boxing fanatic, was battling rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare and painful cancer that typically forms in skeletal muscle tissue, Brooklyn Park stepped up big time.

Fellow officers started wearing yellow ribbon pins, bearing her badge number. This week, 500 pins went on sale to the public for $5. The pins sold out in 48 hours. The proceeds are going to help Krob crush cancer, like she crushes her opponents in the ring.

“Police officers are tough anyway and it’s a tough job,” said Deputy Chief Bruley. “Emily is special. She’s a fighter. Literally a fighter … It’s something in her blood and so I fully expect her to beat this like her other fights.”