Bottles of 'purple rain' from Paisley Park on eBay

eBay listing for 'Purple Rain'

They can’t be serious. We hope they’re not serious. Some Minnesotans are trying to cash-in on the death of Prince by selling bottles of “purple rain” gathered from Paisley Park on the day the music icon passed away. A St. Paul, Minn.-based seller is even including a purple Crown Royal whisky bag, with the bids starting at 99 cents:

That listing had 6 bids, reaching a $20.50. Another seller was attempting to peddle a glass jam jar of “purple rain” for a minimum bid of $100.

Why in God's name
Do U wanna make me cry?
Why? Why? (Must be something in the water U drink)

-Prince, "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)"

UPDATE - Judge seals search warrant, documents in Prince investigation