Both missing dogs found after St. Paws kennel was burglarized

The St. Paul Police Department said Saturday that Cooper, the miniature pinscher, has been found and reunited with his family. Cooper was spotted on the Canadian Pacific Railway property by University Avenue and Transfer Road. 

Railway workers and officers helped the family gain access to the property, and they were able to safely recover cooper. 

Gunny, the German Shepherd, returned home on Friday. All the dogs impacted by the night of the burglary have been accounted for. 

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St. Paws is a place where pet owners can leave their four-legged friends for doggy daycare or to be taken care of when they go out of town.

Investigators said a burglar unleashed many of the animals in the middle of the night Wednesday.

"Actually I'm devastated. I came in early this morning to find out what was going on," said St Paws assistant manager Mariah Ranegan.

St. Paul Police said someone broke into the business on University Avenue and released several of the dogs that were being boarded overnight.

Jen Cadwell-Parker was on her way to work around 6 a.m. Thursday when she spotted a chihuahua outside the doggy daycare's backdoor that was propped open and several other dogs running loose inside.

"All the kennels were open. They were all open. Every gate was open. The door had been propped open. It was very apparent," said Cadwell-Parker.

Of the 14 dogs that were being boarded at St. Paws, 8 were still in their kennels, while another 3 were quickly rounded up.

St. Paul Animal Control found one of the dogs, Homer, at a park a few blocks away. Gunny is now at home, but Cooper is still out there. 

A St. Paul dog daycare and boarding center was broken into, and authorities are saying two dogs are still missing after the burglary.

"Really it just broke my heart to know that someone would intentionally put these animals' lives at stake, and we don't know why," said Ragegan.

Staff say there were no signs of forced entry and nothing else was missing from the building.

But they hope someone spots Gunny and Cooper soon, so they can return them to their owners before long.

"Really I just hope to bring them home because they are people's family and yes they are four-legged creatures that are family, and it's not fair for them to not see them anymore," said Ranegan.

St Paul Animal Control 651-266-1100
St Paul Police Burglary Unit 651-266-5574