Boil water advisory issued for some St. Paul and Maplewood residents

The Saint Paul Regional Water Services issued a boil water advisory for some parts of St. Paul and Maplewood on Sunday.

The city says the advisory is due to an issue at their Ferndale tank, where a loss of pressure created the possibility of some contamination entering the distribution system.

So far, the city says there is no evidence of contamination but they are taking standard precautions.

Residents in the following areas are advised to boil water for three minutes before using it for cooking or drinking -- or use bottled water instead.

The areas include:

In the North

  • Holloway Ave. East, between 7th Ave. E and Division St./Halloway Ave E
  • On the East, Geneva Ave. N. – between Conway Ave. E. and Halloway Ave E/Division St  
  • In the South, Conway Ave. East, between Carlton St. N and Geneva Ave. N. and Ave. R

In the West

  • Ruth Street N. - between 7th Ave. E and Larpenteur Ave. E.
  • Winthrop St. N. – Between Larpenteur Ave. E and Hoyt Ave. E.
  • Idaho Ave. E – between Furness Parkway and Winthrop St. N.
  • McKnight Rd. N. – between Ivy Ave. E. and Margaret St.

For more updates, you can visit the St. Paul city government website.