Blitz the dog lucky to recover from pheasant hunting injury

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A beloved 3-year-old German wirehaired pointer from Blaine, Minn. is on the mend after a pheasant hunting accident.

Blitz was hunting with his friend Tim Ramler, who shot a pheasant, Blitz bolted toward the bird as he’s supposed to, but 20 yards into his pursuit, he spun around and fell in the grass. A steel fence post with a pointed end had been resting in the thick grass, perhaps knocked over by a recently-fallen tree. The post impaled Blitz and cut deeply into his chest.

“How that dog is still alive, it blows me away,” Ramler said. “I thought for sure the vet would be putting him down.”

Blitz and Ramler were hunting in South Dakota, and Blitz was rushed to the Dakota Veterinary Clinic where he was given stitches, but came to BluePearl Veterinarian’s Blaine hospital after his wound reopened

The sharp steel post had narrowly missed several arteries and did not break any ribs, and Dr.  Kathryn Kaufman said he is responding well to his treatment and should make a full recovery. 

“As part of Blitz’s treatment, Kaufman is treating the wound using a type of honey from New Zealand called Manuka honey. Honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds because of its antibacterial properties and also because it contains several growth factors that promote wound healing, she said. Blitz will require several days of care in order for the wound to close completely,” BluePearl explained in a news release.

Blitz isn’t just a hunter, he’s precious to Ramler’s 3-year-old granddaughter.

“He’s a true lover,” Ramler said. “This dog goes fishing with me. He’s a buddy.”