Blaine police officer, wife killed in motorcycle crash honored at memorial

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It was a somber sight as a long line of squad cars with flashing lights made their way to Blaine High School in a procession to show respect and remember the life of Officer Steve Nanney.

“Makes you cry, sad, but proud,” said Steve Wood, a Blaine resident.

Nanney and his wife Susie were killed while riding their motorcycle in Elk River Friday night after a collision with a pickup truck. The news of his passing has stunned his colleagues, but they’re learning the impact he had on the community was greater than they ever knew.

“Folks that work at certain gas stations, to people at different businesses, today, I talked to the dry cleaners and they said he was in there multiple times a week and always light-hearted and keeping them in good spirits,” said Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany.

Nanney was a school resource officer at Blaine High School, which hosted the memorial Thursday afternoon. To no surprise, the school was packed with many in the community wanting to share thoughts and stories.

“Obviously it’s gonna be very, very tragic and it affects, it affects our family because one of our sons is an explorer and he knew [Officer Nanney] very well and he went to the high school all of our kids went to,” said Kevin Hogan, a Blaine resident. “So yeah, it affects us kind of personally and we’re here to support them.”

While it’s clear Officer Nanney and his wife were taken far too soon, the police chief says the couple has set an example that everyone could learn from.

“We talk about someone’s birthday and the date they passed and the dash that’s in between and it’s all about making that dash count,” said Chief Podany. “Today I want people to take that away. Steve and Susie made that dash count.”

Funeral services will be held later in Missouri, where both Steve and Susie Nanney were originally from.