Black Fashion Week provides artist spotlight in Minnesota

For decades, she's worked tirelessly to put a spotlight light on the Twin Cities Black arts scene – now Natalie Morrow is gearing up for one of her busiest weeks of the year.

Morrow is the creator behind Black Fashion Week Minnesota, a week-long event that provides local creatives a platform to shine.

The event is now in its seventh year, and Morrow says from the beginning her intention was to highlight some of the areas where up-and-coming designers, models and makeup artists. The lineup includes fashion shows, workshops and the Minnesota Met Gala.

Minnesota has a thriving art scene and Morrow says that she's pushing to create a path for artists of color. 

"Minnesota is most definitely a mecca of art, culture and fashion here. We definitely want to bring that attention to the entire country to see," Morrow told FOX 9's Bisi Onile-Ere.

Morrow says that her goal is to encourage people to dream big, and this is not her only venture.

She's also the woman behind the Twin Cities Black Film Festival – an event that has served as a platform for filmmakers of color for more than two decades. 

With the growing support of sponsors, Morrow says that she feels like her events are beginning to pick up momentum.

Black Fashion Week Minnesota kicks off this Friday in downtown Minneapolis.