Billionaires, companies from around the world donate millions to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral

Billionaires and companies from around the world pledged to donate millions Tuesday in an effort to rebuild the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris after it was heavily damaged in a fire.

So far, more than $680 million has been raised.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, tweeted Tuesday that the tech company would donate to help rebuild the centuries-old church, but did not specify an amount.



French billionaire Francois-Henry Pinault, chairman of Kering, the parent company of Gucci, and his father Francois Pinault donated $113 million, according to Forbes.

The Arnault family, which has brands such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Dior and Givenchy under the company LVMH, pledged $226 million.

The Bettencourt Meyers family, who own one-third of L’Oreal cosmetics, released a statement that they will donate $226 million.

Forbes also reported that $113 million will be donated by French oil tycoon Patrick Pouyanne to a fund set up by Fondation de Patrimoine.

American billionaire Henry Kravis and his wife Marie-Josee Kravis said they planned to donate $10 million. Kravis co-founded private equity group called KKR.

On Monday, a fire broke out at the cathedral, sending smoke and ash into the air. At one point, the 315-foot spire collapsed but fire crews were able to save the two iconic towers and facade of the church.

The chief architect of Cologne cathedral said it could take decades to repair the nearly 900-year-old structure.

While French authorities said they were unsure what caused the fire, investigators were treating it as an accident. Authorities were investigating whether construction that was part of a $6.8 million renovation project near the spire was a factor in the blaze.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.