Big State Fair vendors share their stories

For 12 days, the state fair is the biggest showroom in Minnesota.

And according to some vendors, the best way to tell if there’s something worth seeing at a booth is by asking yourself, “does it have grass in the aisle ways or is it down to dirt?”

Sparky sells high-end mowers, trailers, docks and yeti coolers at Sparks Trailer Sales. While he can’t divulge numbers, he can at least say they’re good.

“When you’re seeing dirt, it’s good. You know you’re having a good fair,” he said.

Meanwhile, just up the street is the largest sales event for Jacuzzi Corporate in North America.

“That really shocks me because I wouldn’t think about coming here for a hot tub,” said Dean Shulman with Twin Cities Jacuzzi.

Across the street at Pleasureland RV, it’s the same story. The company sells about 20 campers during the fair and about 40 after.

“We got 100,000 people in this place every day,” said Duane Moos with Pleasureland RV. “I’d say 10 percent of them come here, so 10,000 a day come through.”

“Include craft beer and you really got it going,” one visitor added.