Betsy DeVos proposes deep cuts to Special Olympics

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday defended a proposal to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics, pushing back against a storm of criticism from athletes, celebrities and politicians who rallied to support the organization.

At the same time, she urged Congress to spend millions of more dollars not on public education, but on charter schools. DeVos testified before a house subcommittee to explain President Trump's spending priorities on Tuesday.

She’s proposing to add $60 million to charter school funding and creating a tax credit for those who donate to scholarships for private schools.

DeVos says cutting money to Special Olympics was a hard decision, and she believes it’s better supported by philanthropy.

"It's only at the federal government in Washington that we judge the quality and effectiveness of something by the amount of money that we spend on it and I think we have to get past that notion. The quality and effectives does not equate directly to dollars spent," DeVos said. 

The Department of Education also wants to cut $7 billion in spending on education which is roughly 10 percent of the department's total budget. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.