Bears reported wandering through yards in Big Lake, Minn.

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Photo courtesy of Big Lake Police Department. 

Neighbors in Big Lake, Minn. have had some unexpected visitors at their homes over the past couple of days. The Big Lake Police Department says they have received several reports in the last week of black bears meandering in and out of yards in the area. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is advising residents in the Black Lakes area of the city to remove bird and other wildlife feeders from their backyards for the time being until the bears can be successfully “nudged” out of the city, the Big Lake Police Department said in a statement. Residents are asked to keep their distance and notify police if they see a bear in their area.

Big Lake Police say this is not the first time they have had to deal with bears in the city. The last couple of times the bears appeared officials were able to get the bears to leave without causing too much harm.