'Be mindful of your surroundings': Victim shot in Minneapolis carjacking speaks out

Marquis Moy recalled the moment he was carjacked in south Minneapolis last month. He said he was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, watching YouTube videos on his phone when his life literally flashed before him.

A group of suspects ran up to his car, and one started yanking on his door. Moments later, Marquis was shot in the face.

"I didn’t really hear it. It felt like a donkey kick to the face. It kinda hit me that I knew I was shot obviously… it’s hard to explain."

Marquis was struck multiple times in his face, neck and head area. One bullet had to be surgically removed from his cheekbone. Another remains lodged behind his right ear.

Remarkably, Marquis would spend less than a week at the hospital after the January 10 shooting. However, the shooting also left him with a broken jaw and a traumatic brain injury that still has him feeling lightheaded at times.

The near-deadly encounter unfolded on a Sunday night outside his family’s south Minneapolis home near the busy VA medical facility.

It was all captured on a home security surveillance camera that shows several young men fleeing as a wounded Marquis was able to reach for his permitted gun and return fire.

"My adrenaline started going down. I started actually feeling the effects of what had happened. I was starting to get woozy from the blood loss."

In the end, Marquis said he feels lucky to be alive.

Initially, Minneapolis police questioned the circumstances surrounding the alleged carjacking, reporting that its investigators did not believe Marquis was a random victim. This upset him and his family, who insisted Marquis was just enjoying some quiet, alone time in his car out on 46th Avenue South.

The department later corrected the record and said that strong headway is being made on the case, with some evidence currently undergoing forensic testing. No arrests have been made yet.

According to the latest figures, there have already been 51 reported carjackings in the city this year - a number that both frustrates and saddens Marquis, who believes the crime and violence right now is out of control.

"I really want people to be more aware and more safe. Don’t go into a store while leaving your kids in the car and the doors unlocked. Just be mindful of your surroundings when you go in and out of your car. I want people to be more safe." 

A GoFundMe has been set up for Marquis.