Bars, transportation reflect on successful Super Bowl LII

Hours after the green confetti stopped falling inside U.S. Bank Stadium, crews began tearing down the Super Bowl infrastructure and the fans and the traveling road show headed home.

“My experiences were a lot better than I expected, especially given the cold weather. They prepare for it tremendously,” Eagles fan Sonny Scarpato said.

Sonny and Mike Scarpato gave the experience high marks not just because they are Super Bowl champs, but because they also liked the public transportation, the mix of indoor-and-outdoor activities and the hospitality.

“You know the whole Minnesota Nice, that’s true - great people. I felt really welcome,” Mike Scarpato said.

A couple of downtown bar and restaurant owners report that Super Bowl weekend couldn’t have gone any better for their downtown Minneapolis locations, particularly on the wild, wintery and jam packed Saturday.

“We had record sales days. It was crazy,” said bar owner Peter Killen. “Every year, we do St. Patrick’s Day. We get tested every year, but this was above and beyond. I say, ‘St. Patrick’s who?’”

Meanwhile, the people responsible for moving those huge crowds over the last few days were also feeling good.

“Saturday was phenomenal,” said Brian Funk with Metro Transit.

Metro Transit had 17 trains parked in downtown Sunday night to get the 67,000 fans moving after the dramatic Super Bowl ending – a process that apparently went off without a hitch as officials began eyeing the next big event at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“We’ve got the Final Four coming into town next year. So we’re going to dust ourselves off, get ready for that. That’s a unique situation” Funk said.