Axe throwing: Old Viking sport makes comeback in northeast Minneapolis

Still searching for a way to let out some frustration from the Vikings’ playoff loss? Channel your inner Viking and try your hand at competitive axe throwing. 

The centuries-old sport has returned to Minnesota with a company called “Bad Axe Throwing.”

“There's really nothing quite as cathartic as throwing a piece of metal at a wall,” said Bad Axe Throwing Operations Manager, Matt Patrick.

“Bad Axe Throwing” was founded in Ontario in 2014. There are now several locations across the United States and Canada. 

With 20 targets, their newly opened venue in Northeast Minneapolis is their largest space yet. You’ll find the transformed warehouse at 2505 Kennedy Street NE.  

“The culture is unbelievably just dying for something like this," said Patrick. "It really asks for it, the Minnesota Vikings, all this snow, just that wonderful outdoor ‘lumberjacky’ sort of approach to lifestyle. We felt like this was a really solid choice and a great place to land."

Bad Axe Throwing is now taking private bookings for reservations starting on February 2. They plan to post a walk-in schedule soon. 

The company is also in the process of applying for a liquor license and plan to offer “BYOB” service in the next few months. 

“It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, you can come in here and throw an axe just like anybody else,” Patrick said. 

Click here for more information on the location, the Axe Throwing League, pricing and sign up.