At least 51 victims discovered in identity theft scheme

At least 51 people were victims of an identity theft scheme allegedly perpetrated by a Coon Rapids man who, according to a search warrant, promised his "customers" sweetheart deals on everything from flights and hotel rooms to tires before stealing their license and credit card information.

Antonio James Jackson was arrested in Minnesota after allegedly using a stolen identity to make several purchases at a Nieman Marcus store in St. Louis, Missouri. Investigators traced the account used there to another fraudulent purchase made in Dallas the day before, with Jackson admitting to police he had gotten the information from a website that had names, birthdays and even account information from multiple stores. 

A search of Jackson's Facebook page showed several exchanges in which his "customers" would report fraudulent charges on their credit cards and accounts, leading police to more than 50 victims.

Hennepin County authorities declined to comment on the open investigation, though the sheriff's office said Jackson would likely be extradited back to Missouri to face felony identity theft and forgery charges.