Why you may want to wait until after Mother's Day to plant

Staff at Gerten's move plants around at the store ahead of Mother's Day. (FOX 9)

Spring is in full bloom at gardening stores across Minnesota.

Plant aisles are packed with people like Cathy Owens of Eagan. 

"I usually plant in May and when I decide to plant, I look at the weather, and the weather is looking really good," said Owens.

Like most Minnesotans, Owens usually goes by the Mother’s Day rule, generally believing it’s safe to plant by the second weekend in May. 

"Tonight might be a little cool so I might cover, but for the next two weeks I think it’s going to be fine," said Owens.

Gerten’s annuals expert Carlie Volbrecht says while that’s a good date to go by, you may want to hold off until early next week.

"It’s definitely still a little early to start for annuals and herbs and veggies. Wait and keep an eye on the weather," said Volbrecht.

Volbrecht says you can go ahead and plant those heartier plants like wildflowers or for your vegetable garden, kale and lettuces.

If you simply can’t wait for the rest, that’s fine too. Just have a sheet ready to cover if evening temperatures take a dip.

"Especially since the pandemic, everyone wants to be gardening, everyone wants to be outside," said Volbrecht.