2 Arizona friends win Super Bowl tickets answering trivia questions: 'We're stoked'

Super Bowl tickets are still up for grabs, and as we all know, they come with big price tags, however, a lucky fan got his hands on two free tickets.

22-year-old Jacob Park from Gilbert won them at the Super Bowl Experience in downtown Phoenix and all he had to do was answer 3 trivia questions, sponsored by Subway, the quickest.

"I was just standing there like in complete shock, I was just like, ‘Huh?’" he remembered. "I was just playing to get a sandwich and then like when we actually got to the podium, the announcer of the game was like, ‘If you get the best time and get the answers right, you could have a chance to win 2 tickets to the big game.’ We're like, ‘wait what?’"

Park went with his friend Colby Bevell who strategized how they could win the game. All they had to do was answer three questions correctly and the quickest.

"We decided to separate, so we didn't argue or contemplate the answers, we just picked our first reaction," Bevell said.

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They had 20 tries, but it only took them 3.

"Because the whole leader board was full of people who had answered all three correctly, it came down to the time," Park said.

Park answered all three questions in 1.067 seconds.

"I remember the questions, the first one was the jersey number. The second one was how many field goals did Terry have in a Super Bowl and the other was how many fumble recoveries did this Panthers defensive end have. It doesn't happen often, so probably one. It was nice that he used educated guessing to get it right. It was awesome," Bevell said.

The two thought they'd walk away with sandwiches, but instead, walked away with tickets worth thousands of dollars.

"We're huge football fans, we were going to have a big party here, but they're going to have to have it without us because we're stoked to be there," Bevell said.

We looked up how much these tickets are worth, and as of Tuesday night, seats in that section are going for more than $7,000.

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