Anti-police messages spray-painted at U.S. Bank Stadium, Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis

A group spray-painted anti-police messages on U.S. Bank Stadium property Saturday night. Credit: @RebsBrannon

Minneapolis police are investigating a string of vandalism in downtown Minneapolis that included U.S. Bank Stadium and the Federal Courthouse.

According to police, at about 10 p.m., a group of about 50-100 people marched to the area of 4th Street and Chicago Avenue, spray-painting graffiti along the way.

Some of the graffiti included phrases such as, "F*** 12," "ACAB," "MORE DEAD COPS," "KILL COPS," and "STILL TIME TO RIOT."

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Graffiti around US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

The group dispersed on their own and no arrests have been made.

Police are reviewing surveillance video in search of suspects.

WARNING: Explicit language

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Graffiti at the Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis.

From: FOX 9