Another emotional day in Ezeka murder trial

Friday was another emotional day in the murder trial of Joshua Ezeka, who is accused of shooting and killing Birdell Beeks in 2016. 

An investigator took the stand describing Ezeka as being untruthful and showing no remorse for firing the shot that killed Beeks. 

An audio interview was played in the courtroom. In the interview police could be heard asking Ezeka what he would say to the family. He said he didn’t intentionally shoot Beeks, that he felt bad and that he was wrong for his actions. 

Prosecutors allege he was shooting at a rival gang member when the bullet hit Beeks. She was in the car with her granddaughter when she was killed. Ezeka, an alleged gang member, is facing several charges including first and second degree murder. 

It was another emotional day in court for the Beeks family. At one point the granddaughter that was with Beeks when she was shot left the courtroom overcome with emotion. 

Before wrapping up for the day, the judge made note to the jurors that it’s likely that they will begin deliberating as soon as Tuesday.