Andover High marching band finds rhythm amidst adversity

A Minnesota high school marching band isn't letting a few setbacks get in the way of putting on a solid season of music this fall.

Several days a week, the Andover High School marching band spends hours making sure that every note and each step falls into sync.

The band consists of 44 students, playing an array of instruments, but it wasn’t that long ago when there were fears the music would end.

“This year we just overcame so many different challenges,” said Sam Springer, one of the band leaders.

In April, the band lost its director due to low enrollment. Springer was one of two community members that stepped in to help the high school band.

“This marching band is so unique because they just have the drive and the passion to do everything that they set their minds to,” said Springer. “This year they’ve accomplished so much in so little time.”

Springer says in the past, the band struggled in competitions. Now, they’re moving to a new beat.

“This year we’ve gotten first, second or third at almost every show competition that we’ve been at,” said Springer. “We’ve also received best drum major, best solo, and best percussion at our shows.”

Drum Major Carter Packingham and trumpet player Sarah Rokas both say that this year they’ve learned a lot more about working together in harmony.

“I’ve seen the drive, people really want to be good,” said Packingham.

“I’ve learned that I will have these friends forever and it’s great to know that,” said Rokas.

As the band marches toward its final weekend of competition, the music has carried them far.

“I don’t want to say we deserve these rewards, but it’s really nice to have them,” said Packingham.

“Whatever they set their minds to, I think they know that we can accomplish everything and anything,” said Springer.

They will competing at U.S. Bank Stadium this weekend at the Youth in Music Band Championships.