Amid coronavirus pandemic, high school class of 2020 faces losing their senior year

The high school class of 2020 faces a lot of uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Spring sports are likely cancelled, spring break has been spent isolated at home and they aren’t sure if they will have commencements, either.

For these students, they are the children of Sep. 11, 2001. They were born in the shadow of something unthinkable and what was a similar time of uncertain anxiety.

“Yeah, my mom, I think she was four months pregnant when 9-11 happened,” said Nick Ramaley, an Eagan High School Senior. “She was at work and she saw it on live TV.”

Ramaley, and a group of other Eagan High School students, planned to be on the beach in Mexico this week, with some of them scheduled to fly out Wednesday. Their trip was abruptly cancelled and nearly everyone they know is going through the same thing.

“It’s probably a good decision, but it’s really frustrating just because the timing of everything and everything we have coming up, especially for seniors, like prom and graduation,” said Evan Taylor, another Eagan Senior.

These kids have always cherished breaks from school, but this time is different.

“You know, I play on the lacrosse team and all of the guys were so excited to go this year like everyone was so motivated, but it seems like we’re not even going to get that chance,” said Robbie Otto.

“I’m worried about prom, graduation,” said Carson Eklund. “It’s just, it’s scary to think all of it. My whole senior year could just be over.”

“I’m really hoping that we do go back, but all you can do is hope,” said Ramaley.