All Minneapolis North graduating seniors to receive up to $10K scholarships

Pillsbury United Communities says it will be giving every senior at Minneapolis North High School up to $10,000 for post-secondary education.

The organization made the announcement Friday afternoon, sharing that it raised $1 million of scholarship funds for the North High Class of 2022. Pillsbury United notes that this year's graduating seniors faced extreme difficulties during their high school years including the pandemic, George Floyd's murder, the teachers' strike, disproportionate experiences of community-based violence, and the recent loss of their classmate Deshaun Hill Jr.

"This is a moment for sowing hope into those who have been profoundly affected by the events and losses of the past few years and ongoing entrenched inequities," Adair Mosley, Pillsbury United CEO and president, wrote in the news release.

Mosley wrote that this direct investment in the students will meaningfully support their futures.

"We are following transformative models across the country and aim to have a generational impact on prosperity," Mosley wrote.

Pillsbury United says around 100 students are on track to graduate this spring. The funds will be sent directly to the students' educational institutions of choice. For students who don't have an immediate plan, they'll have up to a year to figure out their plans. Pillsbury United plans to have college and career counselors available during the summer to support students.

The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund at the St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation, Cargill Foundation, General Mills, McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, Minnesota Twins, Target, and the U.S. Bank Foundation contributed to the scholarship fund. Anyone who would like to add to the fund can donate here.

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