Alabama man who walked to Minneapolis overwhelmed by support at Floyd memorial

Terry arrives in Minneapolis, just blocks away from the George Floyd Memorial.

The killing of George Floyd and its aftermath made headlines around the world. One man who saw them lives in Huntsville, Alabama and decided he was going to walk all the way to Minneapolis to pay tribute to Floyd's memory and try to bring people together.

Terry Willis walked halfway across the country and with every step, he inched closer to completing the journey of a lifetime. Sunday afternoon, he finally reached the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 38th Street in Minneapolis, the site of the memorial set up for George Floyd. Floyd died in police custody at the intersection on May 25.

"I thought of the most extreme thing that would get the most attention silently," he explained.

After watching the death of George Floyd on video, Willis decided to walk from his home in Alabama to Minnesota.

"I didn’t know if I would make it here," said Willis. "It’s been a more emotional journey than anything."

For Willis, it's been a challenging road. 1,000 miles have taken a toll on his body but all of that ends where George Floyd’s life ended.

"This right here is amazing," he exclaimed. "The amount of love that you’re showing me is phenomenal."

Willis’ journey has been documented on social media and is inspiring others with every step, like the Sellers. The couple from Tennessee saw Willis' story on Facebook and decided to come to Minneapolis to meet him on the final leg of his journey.

Seeing thousands marching with Willis reminded them of monumental movements from the past.

"It's inspirational," said Mr. Sellers. It shows all the work is not done yet. But Martin Luther King and others started. It’s not over. We’re just asking for equality and justice."

For them, being at 38th and Chicago is also an emotional pilgrimage.

"Coming over here and seeing that spot it brought tears to my eyes because I could visualize the officer with the knee on his neck and that could have been me," added Sellers.

With the walk coming to an end, Willis says this destination is just the beginning.

"I feel like I just stared something," he said. "I don’t feel like it’s the end of anything. It’s more so I accomplished the walk but I just started the change."