AG Ellison joins lawsuit against Trump administration over reduced reviews for federal projects

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has joined a lawsuit being brought by 22 states against changes to the environmental review process by federal agencies brought by the Trump administration.

Under the administration's final rule, Ellison says federal agencies no longer have to go through a full review of the impact of their actions on the environment under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Ellison says the change also cuts out chances for public participation in the review process.

While announcing the rule in July, President Trump touted that changing the review process would allow the country to speed up infrastructure projects. Trump said that since it was enacted, NEPA has made the review process for projects "complex, costly, and time consuming."

But, Ellison says those reviews are important, and without the review process, the government won't have a full understanding of how changes could impact natural resources and nearby communities. Ellison also worries about unintended impacts on global warming, water and air quality, endangered wildlife, and underserved communities.