Minneapolis bus crash: 2 videos inside Acadia Café

Wednesday morning, Acadia Café released videos showing a University of Minnesota bus ramming into the popular West Bank restaurant Tuesday. 

The first video shows the university bus crashing into the café's seating and bar area. A few seconds after first impact, the bus jolts forward a few more feet. Structure supports and air ducts can be seen collapsing from the ceiling after the bus crashes.

The second video shows a wider shot of the restaurant as the bus veers off the road and rams through the front of the building. Someone is seen walking on the left side of the video perspective before the bus crashes toward the right side of the frame. The bus does not appear to strike anyone. A person inside the bus is seen walking toward the front of the bus after it jolted a few feet forward. 

The restaurant, craft beer bar and music venue closed indefinitely after the crash and shared that "everyone is safe." A GoFundMe has since been created for the benefit of its employee.

YESTERDAY'S STORY: University of Minnesota bus crashes into Acadia Café