Abrupt closure of Woodbury dentist surprises workers and patients

Patients of a Woodbury dental clinic were shocked to show up for procedures this week and find the clinic permanently closed after employees said they weren’t given any warning that the business was shutting down.

Employees at Woodbury Dental Arts say they were in the middle of surgery Friday when they got a lengthy text message from owner Dr. Marko Kamel saying he ‘couldn’t afford to keep the office open any longer.’

Dr. Kamel was suspended by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry in May 2023 for incompetence. While he was allowed to return to work in June, his license was suspended again in November. He’s also been the subject of two malpractice lawsuits in recent years.

Employees say they knew he was trying to sell the business and move to California, but they were shocked to learn of the sudden closure. 

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, several employees told FOX 9 that an estimated two hundred or more patients have already paid for implants but have yet to complete the process. With this sudden closure, it's likely they will never get what they paid for.

"Not only did we not get paid for the last three weeks, but our patients are without teeth," said one woman.

The employees said they have tried to contact Dr. Kamel but have been unsuccessful. FOX 9 tried his most recent cell phone number and it had been disconnected.

"The patients have nowhere to go. Many don’t even know about this and we can’t notify them because we got locked out," said another.

Dr. Kamel still holds an active license to practice dentistry in California. 

"With the track record that’s been coming up, it's not safe to say that he won’t do it again," said one employee.