Abortion clinic near MSP Airport expecting increase in need for services

Less than 5 miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Whole Woman's Health of Minnesota provides reproductive health care to women from Minnesota and beyond. 

"We've been seeing about 20 percent of our patients from out of state and the main states are Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota," said Midwest Advocacy Director Sharon Lau. 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Lau anticipates that number will grow. The clinic recently moved from downtown Minneapolis to Bloomington to improve accessibility for patients. 

Now, they are one of the closest providers in the state to a major transportation bug, and they've been fielding dozens of calls since Friday.

"Folks have a lot of confusion about what's going on and if abortion is legal and if they are going to be at risk for some sort of prosecution if they get an abortion," said Lau. 

They're also looking at bringing in more physicians to meet the increase in demand.

As abortion providers get ready for a rush of patients, pro-life advocates are preparing to ramp up their efforts as well. 

"This is the state that women are going to be drawn to...this is going to be the epicenter of abortion in the upper Midwest," said Pro-Life Action Ministries Executive Director Brian Gibson. 

Pro-Life Action Ministries provides sidewalk counseling to those with abortion appointments. In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision, Gibon says they will target their work to where abortions are happening. 

"Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo is looking to move into Moorhead, so we gotta go to where it's happening and be there," said Gibson. 

Currently, there are 8 abortion providers in the state of Minnesota.