Abandoned Chihuahuas reunited after days on the run

A pair of Chihuahuas caused some commotion in Columbus, Minnesota after the duo went on the run, sparking a search that lasted eight days.

Now, the two dogs are safe in custody after a lovely Monday afternoon reunion outside North Metro Animal Care and Control.

“Obviously, I think they enjoyed being back together... It was a good reunion. I think it went very well,” said Mark Anderson, of North Metro Animal Care and Control. 

Late in the evening hours of June 2, a good Samaritan found the male dog roaming along Howard Lake Drive. When he called animal control to pick up the dog (later named “Chiquito”) officers spotted his female friend (later named “Chiquita”) running down the middle of that same stretch of road.

The person spent 2.5 hours trying to catch her unsuccessfully.

“There’s wolves and bears, and coyotes are common in the area, so she would have been an easy target for them,” Anderson said. “Also, the heat was a concern and then traffic.”

Suspecting the two Chihuahuas bonded after being abandoned in the area, animal control called the Retrievers, a nonprofit that helps people find lost and missing pets for help.

The group set up trail cameras and feeding stations, and after eight days on her own, Chiquita showed up on camera at a trap where she was eventually caught.

“We’ve all had a lot of cases that just disappear, sadly,” said Diane Harvey, of the Retrievers. “This made my year.”

After getting checked out at the veterinarian for dehydration, ticks and fleas, it turns out the canine companions may have a case of puppy love. The vet says the pitter-patter of little paws may be in their future.

“Absolutely, 100 percent grateful they can be together,” Harvey said.

Now that Chiquito and Chiquita are back together, the folks at North Metro Animal Care and Control hope to keep them that way.

They plan to send them to the same animal shelter and, if all goes well, have the pair be adopted together, too.