A tale of two months of June

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The month of June this year was split pretty much down the middle.  This first half of the month was exceedingly warm.  In fact, it was the warmest start to the month on record.  The thermometer torched the 90 degree mark 5 times in the first 2 weeks with very little rain falling in the first 10 days.  By day 11, the skies finally opened up and gave much of the area a needed drink.  But it would be nearly another week before cooler weather would arrive.  When it finally did, it stayed.  The last 2 weeks of the month were the exact opposite of the first 2, cool by June standards and quite wet (although June is a typically very wet month to begin with).  The only difference is that the cold stretch of weather during the second half of the month was no match for the truly astounding heat that came with the first half.  Therefore, we still ended up finishing the month above average by a little over a couple of degrees.  While it was warm, we should be used to it by now.  June 2017 was nearly identical in every way to June of 2016 where the average temperature and precipitation were almost exactly alike.