A day in the life of a Minnesota snow plow driver

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They've been working hard all week trying to keep up with the snowfall.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Maryland truck station in St. Paul is empty as the night shift drivers hit the road.

With all the snow that fell Thursday, it’s a team effort to clear it away.

“The lead truck takes the way and the others just sort of stagger off the wings of the other and pick up their wind row and clear the snow from shoulder to shoulder,” said plow driver Scott Sippel. 

Sippel has been driving for MnDOT for about a decade and says the job isn’t just about plowing snow.

The group goes slow; the speedometer doesn’t usually push past 30 mph. Each truck in the team plow has their job to do – and they’re in constant communication.

“Just get together, stick together, work together - clear the roads the best you can,” he said.

The drivers know their work is critical to keeping things moving during a Minnesota winter.

“It’s very important because then we would get a lot of spin outs and everything...just make sure that the people are safe and can get to home and work everyday,” Sippel said.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth saying again: Drivers must slow down and give those plow drivers room.