9 Burger King locations abruptly close in the Twin Cities

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If you’re craving a Whopper—or another quick Burger King meal, you might have to look a little harder than you used to. Nine Burger Kings across the metro area abruptly closed last week, leaving 200 employees out of work.

The shuttered Burger King restaurants are all owned by P3 Foods, a company based out of the Chicago area. The company has been in federal bankruptcy since filing in October 2016. 

At one of the nine locations there is a “closed” sign alerting hungry customers who continue to pull into the parking lot that they’re no longer flipping burgers. 

Customers frequenting the Burger King across the street from the Eden Prairie Center had no idea the franchise would close its doors for good.  Several miles away, at Highway 5 and Eden Prairie Road, customers were surprised to see another popular fast food joint in a well-traveled area closed. 

“I put it on my GPS and it took me right here,” said Burger King customer Susan Lund. “Then all of the sudden, I drove around and saw the sign. Like… wow… in Eden Prairie too. It’s a pretty busy area.” 

Documents show that a court ordered P3 Foods to surrender its properties immediately. Hennepin County confirmed three of the locations owned by P3 include: 8340 Crystal View Road, Eden Prairie; 16345 W 78th Street, Eden Prairie; 10000 County Road 9, Plymouth. 

A company spokesperson told Fox 9 their number one priority is to find new jobs for its 200 employees who are out of work. P3 Foods said they are working on a smooth transition to new ownership. 

The owner confirms the nine locations are:


818 West Broadway

Minneapolis, MN 55411


3342 Nicollet Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55408


16345 West 78th St

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


8340 Crystal View Dr

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


10000 County Rd 9

Plymouth, MN 55442


1600 7th St W

Saint Paul, MN 55102


1650 Robert St South

Saint Paul, MN 55118


808 West Washington

Brainerd, MN 56425


222 Lincoln Ave S E

Saint Cloud, MN 56304