8-year-old Waconia girl starts mask lanyard business

An 8-year-old Waconia girl is making lanyards for masks for people who forget or lose them frequently.

If you tend to forget your mask or even lose it, a young Waconia, Minnesota girl has come up with a creative solution.

Combining fun and fashion is one thing, but 8-year-old Harper Eddy added function and now she has a business.

In between school and homework, Eddy is making mask lanyards, which is something she needed and figured others did too.

“At school, I’m always taking it off and on so I had to think of something to keep it on me when I’m not actually wearing it,” she said.

“Then, one day, she said she had laid it on the grass during recess and it was all wet and she had to wear it for the rest of the day an I’m like, oh, poor kid,” said Halie Eddy, Harper’s mom.

First it was her family putting in orders, but Eddy wanted to sell a few more for something special. So, mom jumped in, not knowing her beading skills were about to be tested.

Once Halie posted on Swap and Shop, the Eddys had 53 orders the first day from places like Florida, Montana and other states. The custom orders continue to come in, so now the pair are busy beaders.

The beads, Halie says, are going to fund Harper’s next business idea.

“She decided earlier this summer where she wants to have a food truck where she wants to have a snowcone machine and we’re probably going to go to some community events around the west metro area,” Halie said.