Restaurant and modern-day speakeasy open in former VFW in Waconia

The old VFW in Waconia has gone through a major renovation and while there are odes to the past, it’s unrecognizable. The building now houses an Italian restaurant, Bode Gray’s, that specializes in artisan pizza. In the basement, a speakeasy called The Brass Hat that has an unmarked back-alley entrance. Bode Gray’s is located at 125 W 1st St. in Waconia. It’s open Tuesday through Sunday. The Brass Hat is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Waconia adult day services program closes its doors

Encore served thousands of clients over the years; providing a social arena for otherwise isolated seniors. But Encore was one of a dying breed of its type of day-time senior-focused facility, and now it’s the latest local way of life impacted by the pandemic.

90-year-old The Lady Farmer shares her secrets

Donna Frantz, also known as the Lady Farmer, is 90 years old and has a farm and shop in Waconia. Garden Guy Dale K stopped by her farm to learn about what she does and get tips for home gardening and canning.