8-year-old reroutes Super Bowl ticket calls

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The Vikings have been a part of the Sanseveres lives for nearly three decades. 

This holiday season, a series of bizarre circumstances has left the family rerouting callers to the U.S. Bank Stadium to purchase Super Bowl tickets. 

On Sunday after the Vikings clinched the first-round playoff bye, 8-year-old Sienna Sansevere came to Fox 9 to say goodbye to Super Bowl ticket seekers who have misdialed and reached her new phone. 

“I’m looking for Super Bowl tickets, I wonder if you can help me,” a mistaken caller said during her interview.

“Sorry, you have the wrong number,” Sienna informed him. 

Messages have landed in her voicemail regularly since Christmas, when she received the high tech gift from her parents.  

“On Tuesday, it kept going over and over and over again,” Sienna giggled. 

The funny twist proves just how strong the home team spirit hovers over the Sanseveres. 

Sienna's parents, Bob and Mary Sansevere, met when the Vikings played the Chicago Bears in Sweden in 1988.

Mary was a Vikings Cheerleader and Bob was a Minnesota sports reporter, now a long-standing household name. 

“We met because of the Vikings,” Mary said. 

They tied the knot in 1991. Throughout their 26 years of marriage, Bob’s sports coverage, and Mary’s cheer coaching has been engrained in their five children’s lives—especially Sienna’s. 

“She was on the Vikings sparkle team for three years,” Mary told Fox 9. “We’re always all about the Vikings and obviously we’re always rooting for the teams and going to games when we can.” 

It has been hard for the Sanseveres to believe the coincidence that Sienna’s phone number was just one-digit different from the Vikings’ ticket line. They even wondered if Sprint had pranked them.

But when they return the calls, it's the people on the other end of the line that aren't sure what to believe. 

“They think they’re being pranked because Bob Sansevere from KQRS and the Pioneer Press is calling them,” Mary said. 

As much as Sienna would like to sell the mistaken callers Super Bowl tickets, she can only politely give the correct line to dial. 

"Call the right number this time," Sienna said. "Just call the right number. (612)-338-4537."