7 MN dads get the ultimate Father's Day surprise

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Seven lucky dads were selected for a Father's Day surprise this weekend.

In honor of Father's Day, the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild is not only delivering beer, but also covering lawn mowing duties.

Families could nominate their dads through the Nextdoor App, and one family invited Fox 9 to see the surprise.

For Oliver Perez, Father's Day is extra special. His second child was born on the day in 2012. His wife, Jamie Perez, nominated him for the surprise delivery of local beers.

Her nomination detailed her husband's love of local beer, and his dream of running his own brewery named after their "awesome" dog. He is involved with all extracurricular activities the kids partake in.

According to his wife, after his weekly mowing ritual, Perez loves to have a shower beer (always local!).

"Lastly," said Jamie Perez. "And certainly not least, he's a solid, stand-up guy. A good friend. An awesome husband. The kind of guy Minnesota prides itself on."

On Saturday, Ethan Applen, the CEO and co-founder of Lakes & Legends Brewing in Minnapolis cut Perez's grass.

Jamie Perez's entire heartwarming nomination can be seen below: