5-year-old allegedly assaulted in St. Paul

St. Paul Police say they’re investigating the assault of a 5-year-old girl this morning near the corner of Cook and Park in St. Paul. Neighbors say they first saw the lights and later the young victim.

“I thought it was police because I saw the lights on my ceiling but when I opened up my door I’m looking at a child on the steps of a school bus and her whole face was bloodied up, it wasn’t like running blood but splatter,” said neighbor Tamika Hutchinson.

Family members say the young girl suffered injuries to her head and body.

“She has injuries to the body and mostly to the head,” said Karen Capers, the girl’s grandmother.

Capers also told FOX 9 she believes the girl was sexually assaulted. According to Capers, the girl had been dropped at the corner to wait for the school bus by her mother who was headed to work. The assault happened not long after.

Investigators continue to search for suspects. If you have any information you are urged to contact St. Paul Police.