5 luxury cars, multiple buildings allegedly vandalized by Wayzata students

Five luxury cars and multiple buildings were vandalized at a vacant property used for storage in Plymouth, Minn. And one of the owners said the vandals are Wayzata High School students.

The damage goes well past extensive, you can see a garage door that vandals managed to pull off its track and graffiti that now litters the property. The victims say they know who did this.

"After school fun has a whole new definition now," Missy Redman, owner of the property, said. "This is a war zone and there were kids communicating with each other."

Redman said the kids came by the handful, transforming the property she manages with her boyfriend into nothing short of an 'anarchic' wasteland.

"This was the only thing not broken was that light," she said.

What wasn't broken it seems was spray painted or stolen. In all, two houses, multiple out buildings and five Jaguars were completely destroyed. Redman said the kids at fault came from just across the field at Wayzata High School.

"There are three suspects but there are still others that we are still talking with," she said.

Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein said two suspects are juveniles, but stopped short of saying where they go to school -- however, Redman says she has little doubt.

"We had Wayzata students come to us and say we know who it is and give us up names and pictures on Snapchat," Redman said.

Among the evidence she turned over to investigators was a picture that appears to show one alleged vandal holding the severed front emblem of a Jaguar. Redman and others who lost property said they're growing frustrated that no charges have been filed, but Plymouth Police are asking for patience.

"Things take time and we are not going to rush to judgement on anything, and we are not going to rush a case just to have it backfire," police said.

Investigators said they have every intention of pressing charges. As for the property, it's set to be bulldozed as part of a real estate project.