4 DFL incumbents lose primaries to challengers Tuesday night

Joseph and Maria Caruso vote inside the Early Vote Center in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. (STEPHEN MATUREN/AFP via Getty Images)

Four DFL incumbents in the Minnesota legislature lost to their primary challengers Tuesday night.

State Rep. Raymond Dehn (Minneapolis) and state senators Jeff Hayden (Minneapolis) and Erik Simonson (Duluth) lost their party’s endorsements this summer, but took their case to the voters anyway.

All three were rejected by voters Tuesday night.

Simonson lost to Jen McEwen, who won about 73 percent of the vote. Hayden lost to Omar Fateh, who won about 55 percent of the vote and Dehn lost to Esther Agbaje, who won about 47 percent of the vote.

In addition, in St. Paul, incumbent Judiciary Chair John Lesch lost his primary to Athena Hollins, who won about 60 percent of the vote. 

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