30 YEARS LATER: Remembering the thrill of Twins World Series win

Connecting with several Twins players and fans, it's easy to hear the excitement in their voices when simply given the chance to talk about the 1987 World Series.

Wednesday marked the 30th anniversary of the World Series victory.

October 25, 1987 at the bottom of that infamous pile of victorious Twins players was catcher Tim Laudner.

“Not claustrophobic at all,” said Laudner. “When I look back and realize my face was about this far from Reardon’s that is disconcerting to say the least.”

Laudner recalls the thrill of playing in the World Series, especially a Game 7 when everything is on the line.

As many watching remember that night pitcher Frank Viola was off to a shaky start to the point Bert Blyleven was warming up in the bullpen.

“Some days it feels like it's a couple weeks ago, other days it feels like 60 years quite frankly,” said Laudner.

Twins play-by-play announcer Dick Bremer was thankful the network handles calling playoffs games, allowing him to soak in the excitement solely as a fan.

“It was a very unique experience,” said Bremer. “Everyone who was there, even the St. Louis fans and players and coaches talked about what a unique environment it was in the Metrodome to have the volume of people there and the noise that was compared to the roar of a jet engine. It was a very unique experience.”

“I know the umpires were having a tough time even getting nauseous,” said Laudner. “They were wearing earplugs it was so loud. But I don't remember the noise. I know it was loud, but that’s not something that I have a huge recollection of.”

Laudner says it's hard to put into words what it means to him to continue to hear praise from fans three decades later.

“If someone asks to see my ring, I'm happy to share right now because those people shared so much with us,” said Laudner.

The 1987 team was just five years removed from having the worst record in baseball, losing 102 games. Laudner says it's a perfect example of how cyclical baseball can be and why fans of the Twins current young roster need to be patient.