2nd warmest start to November on record

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We are now a week into November and if you didn’t read the word on the calendar, you would probably think it’s September.  Temperatures have been consistently 15 to 30 degrees above average for the last several days and now we have jumped to the 2nd warmest start to the month.  Only 2008 had a warmest start to November.  But this marks 2 straight years with very warm starts to the typically chilly month.  2015 ranks 5th on the all-time list for warm starts for November.  And like we have been talking about for the last couple of weeks, we STILL haven’t officially frozen in the metro, with a freeze not likely until at least the weekend.

So does this mean the whole month will be this warm??  Not likely… in fact, the only year to start the month warmer, 2008, finished the month exceedingly cold with 2008 finishing the month overall as the 52nd warmest (basically average) when combining ALL 30 days.  2015 though started as the 4th warmest (at the time) and then finished 4th warmest (again, at the time), so really anything is possible from here on out.  But the current forecast takes us through the middle of the month still well above average so I don’t think our pattern will shift anytime soon.