23-year-old dies after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning in his New Brighton garage

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Jose Bello is struggling to cope with the tragedy that unfolded in the family’s New Brighton garage stall.

With the help of police, Bellow ripped down the door last Sunday night to find his 23-year-old son Gerson Bello unconscious on the floor in grave condition.

Doctors at the hospital couldn’t save him.

“It’s difficult. Still difficult,” said Maria Molina, Gerson’s mother. “I don’t want to lose my son.”

The family reports Jose was hanging out with his girlfriend during the weekend snowstorm. They believe the young couple planned to grab a bite to eat, with Gerson planning to eventually drop the woman at home.

As time passed and no one heard from them, Jose called Gerson, reaching him on his cell phone. He described Gerson as disoriented.

“They never told us exactly where they were, so when they said one word, ‘garage’ they were speaking slowly,” Jose said.

Jose followed his gut and dashed outside, but he was too late.

It is believed Gerson was overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust of their running car in tight quarters of the detached garage.

Bello's girlfriend survived the incident and was released from the hospital. FOX 9 was unable to locate her to request a comment Thursday. 

It is unclear how long the two were in the garage and it appeared they were both trying to escape when they were found. 

The Bellos are crushed. The family arrived in the U.S. from Mexico 15 years ago and Gerson embraced the American Dream. He learned English and graduated from High School and College with plans to launch a career in international business.

His younger brother said he didn’t just lose a sibling, but also a best friend.

“We always went to school together most of the time,” said Eder Bello. “He was always there to help me go through it especially when we were young, learning to speak English and stuff.”

The family tells FOX 9 that Bello was also a group leader in the 7th Day Adventist Church in addition to being a high school and college graduate. 

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner and New Brighton Police are investigating the death. 

Friends, family and church members are raising money for the Bello family through a GoFundMe page