200-pound pig found wandering along I-95 near Daytona Beach

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Halifax Humane Society workers named her Rollie. The name will stick, unless her owner comes forward.

Rollie is a 200 pound pig.  She ended up at the Humane Society after someone spotted the pig along Interstate 95.

"There’s a pig, a huge pig in the grass, just standing there.  It’s not a wild pig. This is a farm pig," said a caller, who contacted 911.  "He’s big.  He’s a big boy.  He’s a big hog."

"He" was actually a "she," and she was a big danger to traffic.  

What driver is looking out for a hazard like this?  Officer James Ward was wearing body camera and was first on the scene to the off ramp of I-95 at U.S. Highway 92 on Thursday night.

She isn’t a wild pig, as suspected.  Officers figured she was someone’s pet, either abandoned or lost.  Still, it took them 30 minutes along with animal control and a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office ranger to figure out how to get the 200-pounder into a vehicle. It was quite the scene.

They finally managed to get Rollie into a livestock trailer and off to the Halifax Humane Society, where staff like Amber Marcoux have fallen in love.

Marcoux said, "She’s a very friendly animal. We were in there cleaning her cage this morning, and she’s very friendly."

Rollie has some cuts on her ears that indicate she has been tagged before, meaning she was likely a farm animal and or a family pet.  Marcoux said she has been eating and sleeping so muc,h she probably walked a long way, before she was caught.

"Looks like she’s tired from having a long night, and of course, she is a pig so she’s resting," Marcoux said.

Rollie will stay at the Halifax Humane Society for a three-day stray period. Then, she will likely be put up for adoption.  If you are the owner, they want you to come to the Humane Society.  They are asking for proof of ownership.