20-year-old woman who fell 30 feet at Goosberry Falls dies from injuries

Minnesota, North Shore, Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls State Park, Middle Falls. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A woman who fell 30 feet at Gooseberry Falls State Park on the North Shore Saturday evening has died, according to an update posted on her CaringBridge page

A post from Monday on CaringBridge said 20-year-old Rebecca Nara was rock climbing at Gooseberry Falls when she fell from the lower falls.

The fall occurred around 7:16 p.m., the Lake County Sheriff's Office said. Nara was flown by LifeLink to a hospital in Duluth. 

Another post on her CaringBridge page said bystanders who witnessed her fall rushed to help. She reportedly did not have any broken bones, but she did suffer a serious brain injury and was in intensive care. 

On Wednesday, a family friend confirmed on the site that Nara passed away. 

"She peacefully went while surrounded by friends and family," the post read. "While this is truly a tragedy, it has saved her family from having to give the order to transition her to comfort care.  Rebecca was a registered organ donor with healthy organs to pass on to others in need. Medical professionals said that her gifts will mean new lives for as many as 40 people. We are all very thankful for the prayers and support during this difficult time."