2 construction workers killed after scaffolding gives way near Disney

A construction accident in Orange County, specifically the Bonnet Creek Resort area near Disney, has left two dead.

Orange County Fire Rescue says that workers were working on a scaffold at a hotel under construction. They were seven floors in the air pouring concrete when the scaffold gave way and two workers plummeted about 80-feet to the ground and were killed immediately. The victims, 34-year-old Lorenzo Zavala and 46-year-old Jerry Bell, were pronounced dead on scene.

One other worker was said to be on the scaffold as well. He was able to grab onto something to keep from falling and was helped up by other workers. 

The hotel being worked, which is planned to be a JW Marriott, is on Chelonia Parkway and is adjacent to Disney property. It technically is in unincorporated Orange County and not on Disney property, though.

20 people were said to be on the construction site during the incident. Investigators are on scene this Wednesday morning. 

A presser was held by Orange County officials on Wednesday morning. Watch it below.