10-day traffic enforcement program leads to hundreds of tickets, some arrests

After the Minnesota State Patrol announced it would have increased patrols out for a 10-day span, troopers have arrested 23 people for DWI and six for outstanding warrants as the result of the Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) program, according to a recent announcement. 

The HEAT patrols were a focused effort for 10 nights, beginning Feb.14, and concluding Feb. 25. Patrols occurred from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

"The goal of these HEAT patrols was to combat dangerous driving through speed enforcement, while making a difference related to violent crime," said Colonel Matt Langer, chief of the Minnesota State Patrol in an announcement.

Troopers conducted HEAT patrols on roadways around Minneapolis and surrounding areas, including I-94 between I-694 and St. Paul, Highway 100 in northern Hennepin County, and Highway 494 and I-35E in the east metro.

In addition to speeding violations and DWI arrests, troopers also cited 80 people for driving without a valid license, 22 drivers for violating the hands-free cell phone law and 13 drivers for failing to move over for a stopped emergency vehicle with flashing lights activated.