Helping your garden thrive in the summer heat

Summer is here and so is the heat.

While most of the plants in your garden can handle the heat, Dale K. has tips to help them thrive when the temperature rises. 

A few of the tips are obvious like water in the morning when it is cooler. Also water in slow, sustained waterings. This will help get the soil absorb more moisture. As the sun rises plants (like people) sweat. When that happens they start drawing on solid moisture, so watering is essential. 

Mixing in compost before planting and adding fresh mulch also helps retain moisture. 

For fertilizers also use a slow release variety, especially in warmer months. This will prevent burning. And do not use a liquid fertilizer on hot days. 

When planting a garden, native plants that are used to the environment can make your garden shine. They are also great at attracting beneficial insects.

Gardening in the heat will take a toll on you. Dale suggest you enjoy the hammock or patio instead when it gets too hot!