Minnesota weather: Summer-like on Saturday, strong storms possible

This weekend's summer-like weather may include strong storms in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota on Saturday. 

Storms that do develop run a level 2 (slight risk) of being severe. The threats if storms do turn severe include large hail and damaging winds, while an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. 

The weekend starts off on Friday fairly cool with highs in the low to middle 50s and occasional showers through the lunch hour and early afternoon. But then a warm front will surge northward overnight, so by the time the sun rises in the Twin Cities Saturday morning, it'll be in the 60s. 

It'll warm up well into the 70s on Saturday and be quite humid, with dew points in the lower 60s. 

The bulk of the day will be dry, but some isolated showers are possible on Saturday morning. Isolated thunderstorms are likely in the afternoon and evening hours, so keep an eye on the weather and stay sky aware in case anything severe develops. 

Looking to Sunday, things start to cool off with lots of wind and temperatures back below average, topping out in the lower 50s.