Minnesota weather: Cold temps and possibility of snow in the forecast

It's almost April. It's technically spring. But the weather in Minnesota is getting ready to roll back towards winter with single-digit windchills and the possibility of some snowflakes in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Starting Tuesday night, temperatures will drop, setting up for near-zero windchills in the metro to start your day on Wednesday. Northern Minnesota will face even colder weather, with windchills dropping into the teens and low 20s.

By Wednesday afternoon, we will have plenty of sun, but it's going to be cold with a high temp around 29 degrees. Usually, around this time of the year, the average high is about 48 degrees.
Our temperatures will slowly climb as we approach the weekend, but Thursday things begin to change a little bit as our next storm system arrives.

It's going to be a two-part system. The first part will be Thursday afternoon into Thursday night with a chance of snow to the north, and rain to the south. In the Twin Cities, we'll see a little bit of a mix of both, potentially even some thunderstorms to the south of I-90 by Thursday night.

We'll have a break Friday morning with our next chance of precipitation, maybe in the form of snow, arriving by Friday afternoon.