July recap of precipitation and temperatures in Minnesota

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Minnesota experiences another above average month, and so does the Twin Cities metro. But the temperatures weren’t really the story in July, it was the precipitation -- and in some cases the lack thereof. 

The south metro and parts of southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin saw a substantial amount of rain. Widespread amounts from 5 to 10 inches from parts of Scott and Dakota counties southeastward along the Mississippi River Valley down to La Crosse.

But for the heart of the metro and points northward, it was a sub average month. While not horribly dry for some official reporting locations like MSP Airport and St. Cloud Airport, it was quite dry for some areas in between with less than an inch of rain falling during the month in some spots of western and northern Minnesota.

Did I also mention that it was above average? While there were certainly a few locations that were just shy of average, most areas were slightly above average once again. But the consensus from folks I have talked to appears to be that it was a cool month. 

I guess I don’t exactly understand where that feeling comes from. Just because we don’t get some mega heat wave that grips the state, doesn’t mean we are below average… or is that more the feeling of normal now that we have experienced a few of these over the last decade or so? 

Well, here’s a fun fact then: July 2017 was the warmest July for the metro in three years. So before you complain that you haven’t seen enough sun bathing weather, consider yourself lucky.